Care Tips for your Himalayan Salt Night Lights

Dream Salts™ Himalayan Salt Night Lights can be incredibly satisfying. They are beautiful to look at with their warm inviting glow. They have potential health benefits and naturally cleanse the air of impurities. They also need to be cared for from time to time to make sure you can continue to enjoy Dream Salts™ throughout your home indefinitely. Below are a few care tips that will surely prolong the life of your Dream Salts™ night lights.


Your Handbook To Everyday Himalayan Salt

Salt therapies are becoming more and more popular in the health and wellness industries, even though they have been around for hundreds, or even thousands, of years.
Many practitioners of massage have started to incorporate salt therapies into their regular offerings alongside deep tissue massages for clients and they are eating them up, with good reason! Himalayan salt has provided numerous benefits like balancing the pH levels of the body, helping to regulate the metabolic systems, aiding in improved circulation and respiratory function, and relieving gastro issues.
Some spas have started to double traditional deep tissue massages with salt massage therapy in order to provide maximum benefit. (more…)


Pink Himalayan salt is not just for the dinner table

Himalayan salt is a fossilized sea salt from the Himalayan Mountain, the grains are pinkish and each individual grain is bigger than usual salt. The colour derives from the minerals, iron oxide, which is also the same mineral that forms rust. The salt itself has its many uses that have been discovered and cultivated over the years. Its generic use is of course cooking but it’s not the only use! (more…)


Stylish Himalayan Salt Night Light ( Cylinder )

These beautifully simple Himalayan Salt Night Lights are sure to enhance any room in your home. We have a variety of shapes and sizes to match everything from a modern to classic style. The Cylinder Shape is hand carved and smooth all the way around. Naturally occurring veins of color give each cylinder salt rock a unique and inviting look.