The Benefits Of Owning A Himalayan Salt Lamp

You should know what a lamp is, but you might wonder what a Himalayan Salt Lamp is.

Is it a magic lamp? Is it a decorative accessory?

Truth is: the Himalayan Salt Lamp is both.

At base it is a decorative lamp formed by pure Himalayan Salt; plus a light bulb. It comes in different shapes, such as solid pieces of salt or decorative baskets that contain a piece of pure Himalayan salt illuminated by a removable light bulb.


Is it for real?

It’s science. Everything is made of atoms. Atoms contain protons, electrons and neutrons. Simply put: positive, negative and nothing. Positive ions are left behind by electrons and fill the empty slots. The negative ions are created by natural phenomena like thunderstorms, sunlight or ocean waves and clean the air.

The combination of salt and heat creates negative ions that cleanse the air.

What is the use of a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Owners of Himalayan Salt Lamps talk about the benefits that these lamps have for the health of lungs and the cleaning effect they have on the air inside the room or the house.
Bellow you have the most common, positive effects of the Himalayan Salt Lamps:

• They purify the air

The Himalayan salt that covers the light bulb has hygroscopic abilities. This means that the salt attracts water molecules from the environment together with foreign particles such as dust, pollen or smoke. The water molecules and the dirt are absorbed by the salt.

When the light bulb heats up the salt cover, the salt releases the water molecules back into the environment but this time the dirt, dust or smoke remain locked in the salt.
Therefore, the air is purified. The air is free of dust, pet dander, mold or mildew which ease the allergy symptoms. Also the air is more humid and clean. Negative ions are released into the atmosphere of our room and encourage our respiratory system to function properly.

• They deodorize the air

Strongly connected to the previous point, Himalayan Salt Lamps help reduce the electromagnetic radiation. Not only the air is cleaned from foreign particles that affect day by day our lungs’ function, but it is refreshed once the water molecules return in the environment.

The negative ions released in the air, neutralized the electromagnetic radiation coming from TV, computers, radio and other electric devices.

• They encourage relaxation

Since the negative ions are released by natural phenomena that give people a feeling of relaxation and calm, the Himalayan Salt Lamps reenact that process at a smaller level, inside your room. They create a free environment, with positive energy that helps you relax at the end of the day. Even more, the neurotransmitter of happiness, serotonin is released due to improved blood circulation.

• They help with sleep

The dim red light of the lamp encourages sleep. The negative ions improve the blood and oxygen circulation to the brain, process that enhances the quality of sleep and stabilizes the patterns of sleep. Himalayan Salt Lamps can also be turned on during the night due to their relaxing effects.