Care Tips for your Himalayan Salt Night Lights

Dream Salts™ Himalayan Salt Night Lights can be incredibly satisfying. They are beautiful to look at with their warm inviting glow. They have potential health benefits and naturally cleanse the air of impurities. They also need to be cared for from time to time to make sure you can continue to enjoy Dream Salts™ throughout your home indefinitely. Below are a few care tips that will surely prolong the life of your Dream Salts™ night lights.

1. Replacing your bulb

The bulb that comes packaged with your night light isn’t going to last forever. You can expect to last about a long as normal sized incandescent bulb would. One day it will die out and you will need to replace it. When you do replace it remember to use a bulb that is 15 watts or less and 120 volts. Anything more could damage your night light.

2. Cleaning and dusting

You Dream Salts night light is going to collect dust and other elements from around your home. It is the task it was made to do. From time to time you will probably want to wipe down the surface of the stone. When you do remember to never get the stone wet. Getting the stone wet could compromise its integrity leading it to crack in half.

3. What to do if your stone drips or leaks water

Dream Salts™ night lights naturally pull moisture from the air. It is why the stone may feel moist on the outside. If you live in a very humid environment you may notice that it will get excessively wet and possibly drip water. This is not good for the night light. The crystals will eventually damage the night light base. If you begin to notice this phenomenon their is any easy remedy. First, leave the stone in the hot sun for several hours. Then wipe down any crystals on the surface with a dry rag. Then make sure you turn on your night light often so the warm from the light bulb can help with natural evaporation.