Your Handbook To Everyday Himalayan Salt

Salt therapies are becoming more and more popular in the health and wellness industries, even though they have been around for hundreds, or even thousands, of years.
Many practitioners of massage have started to incorporate salt therapies into their regular offerings alongside deep tissue massages for clients and they are eating them up, with good reason! Himalayan salt has provided numerous benefits like balancing the pH levels of the body, helping to regulate the metabolic systems, aiding in improved circulation and respiratory function, and relieving gastro issues.
Some spas have started to double traditional deep tissue massages with salt massage therapy in order to provide maximum benefit.

Himalayan Salt Scrub

Having this done professionally at a spa will leave your skin radiant and glowing. This reduces signs of aging by exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and greatly improves circulation. Salt wraps offer amazing detoxifying results by wrapping clients in heated infrared blankets that help absorb the salts into the skin. Allowing your body to relax during this specific treatment allows for much needed much and repair of your body.

Himalayan Salt Night Light

This provides a dry salt therapy to users by purifying the air to aid in respiratory relaxation. These lights are growing increasingly popular in spa rooms across the globe because so many clients have experienced the benefits from the negative ions that are released into the air. Rooms are turned into a mini oasis for sufferers of respiratory problems and skin ailments. Sleep is greatly improved from this therapy, including in those with a long history of sleep problems.
These lights are non-toxic and require no disinfecting. They are often used for ambient lighting because they are so inexpensive to run often.

Himalayan Salt Bath

The ideal salt bath lasts for thirty minutes and is used as an excellent way to detox the body of impurities and relax the client. Two whole pounds of salt are expertly diluted into the bath so the skin absorbs minerals that are typically lacking which balances weak points in the body. This helps to restore the natural energy flow that may have been thrown off balance.

Spa Like Experience At Home

Many spas prefer their clients to live a healthy lifestyle all of the time for their own wellbeing rather than just while at the spa. So, patrons can buy to take home any number of salt therapy items like the Himalayan Salt Night Light mentioned above. Those looking for a great deodorant can turn to salt stones of Himalayan salt for a natural alternative to commercial products that may not be as healthy. The best way to use this salt block as a deodorant is to freeze or heat up before use.

Dry Salt Sauna Therapy

This is a personal favorite of mine where large blocks of Himalayan salt are used in lieu of a traditional sauna experience. This unique experience reduces oxidation stress on your body. As a business owner, you might want to consider adding this service in order to benefit your clients.