Do you need a dimmer night light? Here is a helpful tip

Sometimes you just need the smallest amount of light and a little ambient glow for an otherwise dark room. Here is a tip for making your Dream Salts™ night light a little less bright.

Use a black Sharpie to black out the light bulb

Yup! It is that easy. Here are your step by step instructions. Don’t worry it isn’t hard.

  1. Remove your salt rock from the base and set it aside
  2. Remove the light bulb
  3. Using a black sharpie start to color in the bulb all around
  4. Cover the bulb in as much black ink as you need. Test it after the first run to see it is enough
  5. Cover it completely to get a real dark bulb

Pretty simple. It works great and will have no adverse effects on the bulb or the Salt Rock.

When you are done and want your normal amount of light back just rub off the ink with a damp towel. You can use this trick over and over again to make sure your Dream Salts™ Himalayan Salt Night Light is always the perfect brightness.