Our Commitment

Now that you are convinced about the benefits of acquiring your own salt rock, we want to show you that this is the place to buy a salt rock and be completely satisfied by its quality.
We offer clients what we would like to acquire ourselves. This means that we also provide services in the way we would like to receive these services.


We believe in building trust.


We believe in the quality of our products.


What Do We Offer?

• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The benefits of salt rocks are numerous. Not only that, we have brought the products into our own homes and have been completely satisfied by them. The salt rocks create a healthier environment in which you are bound to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You will immediately feel the change in the quality of the air inside your room.

• High quality materials and superb craftsmanship

You can get 100% satisfaction only if the material used for the salt rock has a high percentage in quality, as well.

Poor materials can affect the absorption rate of the salt rock and thus the cleansing of the air isn’t as efficient as expected. With the materials we use you can actually feel the improvements in the air quality right away.

Also, we treat the materials with great care and turn the creation of salt rocks into pure art.

• All of our salt rocks are mined in 100% ethical / humane way

We treasure life in all its forms; we consider the best way to acquire our materials without harming habitats, people’s well-being and the soil.

• All of our salt rocks are mined in a 100% ecological way leaving minimal impact on the surrounding earth

We practice mining in a humane way with care and consideration for the environment and for the ecosystems that are around us.