Pink Himalayan salt is not just for the dinner table

Himalayan salt is a fossilized sea salt from the Himalayan Mountain, the grains are pinkish and each individual grain is bigger than usual salt. The colour derives from the minerals, iron oxide, which is also the same mineral that forms rust. The salt itself has its many uses that have been discovered and cultivated over the years. Its generic use is of course cooking but it’s not the only use!

The Uses


Himalayan salt can be used in food preparation; it the most popular use. The salt can be grinded into smaller chunks and added to your food for additional taste. If you wanted to use the salt quite a lot during cooking, finely ground salt grains can be purchased at supermarkets, which can save you grinding them all yourself and add taste to your food.
Aside from using the salt in your food for taste, people also like to use the salt as a way of bringing out a dish and making it look more attractive and presentable. By sprinkling the original sized grains onto whatever completed food, it leaves pretty look. Also when the food with the large salt grains is tasted, your taste buds will almost immediately taste the extreme saltiness it contains.

For The Skin

When using the larger crystals that are available, they can be used as an exfoliate that can be applied to certain areas of body that are non-sensitive, mainly feet and elbows. The minerals in the salt are effective in skin restoration and reducing the signs of aging. It is generally a great use for the skin and in providing skin care for healthier skin. The colour of the salt will remain on the scrubs with its strong visual colour.
If you wanted to use the salts whilst having a bath in addition your bath salts, this is also a good use that not only is good for your skin when dissolved in the water realising its minerals but also stains the water with a nice pink colour that can be therapeutic.


As strange as it may sound, these salts are used in lamp that are designed as air purifiers to eradicate toxic chemicals in environments and to provide clearer breathing. Many people have claimed that it has aided in helping their asthma and generally clearing airways. People also claim it helps children fall asleep and helps clear odours in rooms.

Himalayan Blocks

One of the products that are quite popular in its use is blocks of Himalayan salt that can be purchased in literal blocks! Its main uses are to retain heat when wanting to keep food warm and also keeping food cold as well when serving. Additional to this, the salt is used to cook foods such as, meat, pizza, eggs and many other foods.
The block, when put on food, slowly dissolves and gives the food instant flavour. It is recommended that when using the blocks, you should fan the food out in layers to prevent the whole block from entering into the food and creating an intense flavour and aroma.