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Himalayan Salt Night Light Wax Warmer Scented Oil Burner


  • FILL A ROOM WITH AROMA & BEAUTY – Each salt night light is carved by hand and emits a beautiful warm glow that is calming and inviting. Include your favorite scent for added relaxation and mood upswing.
  • USE ANY FRAGRANT WAX OR SCENTED OIL – Compatible with all the brands of wax or scented oil such as Scentsy, Glade, Yankee Candle Company, ScentSationals, and many more. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and all over your home or office.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS & MORE – Amber night light colors can help foster a restful sleep. Himalayan salt night lights work to purify the air then expel negative ions to increase mood and energy.
  • THE ORIGINAL DREAM SALTS – Each himalayan salt rock is hand selected before packaging to ensure they have deepest color and quality. Only the best stones become Dream Salts night lights.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Dream Salts, the original salt night light, will work to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.
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Product Description

When you turn your Dream Salts Himalayan Salt Night Light on the bulb inside heats the salt rock slightly. This allows it to absorb moisture from the air and remove impurities. The process also increases the negative ion count in the air around it. Negative ions have been know to bring on a sense of relaxation.

Include your favorite scented oil or wax in the top and the pleasant aroma will fill up the whole room.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Product Details

Comes with 3 prong base for extra stability, 360 turning radius for horizontal sockets, Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Rock, 1 4 watt bulb, 1 rubber ring that securely holds Salt in place

Size & Details

Each Base Measures 4 inches long & 1.5 inches wide. Base and Bulb measure 3.5 inches tall, Each Salt rock measures 2.5 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and has a circumference of 6.5 inches, Each stone weighs between 7.0 – 10.0 oz


Dream Salts




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