Salt Spas are growing in popularity and you should try one

Salt spas are unfolding increasing more and more these days and are generally becoming more popular in almost every country. There are many benefits that have been proven to work with salt spa therapy and it seems that many people benefit from them.

A lot of the existing spas around the world have now added in alternatives treatment therapies in, this includes Ayurvedic rituals and the power of salty air. These old age practices are now being used again in addition to the salt to aid in providing muscle relaxation treatments to patients who are in need of them.
The need to travel abroad to get a spa treatment, can be thrown out the water! All you need to do is visit a local spa or invest in your own equipment to enjoy a salt spa of your own.
The Benefits:

Stress Relief

There are approximately 84 traced out minerals in salts that are known to have a myriad of positive effects both mentally, physically and even spiritually.
One of the benefits are that it assists in lowering stress levels that many people experience in this ever growing, fast paced world. People feel more calm and generally less stressed about everyday activates and responsibilities, furthermore there is an increased sense of well-being and overall mood enhancement.

Air Detoxifier

Within the salt blocks there are negative ions that have been said to detoxify negative toxic and chemicals in environments and generally promotes a cleaner environment by flushing out the air pollution.
Many people find it relaxing even sitting in a spa reception waiting for your treatment, it seems the intensity of the salt lingers in the air and when inhaled, it relaxes and mellows people even if it’s for a few moments.
Recommended Treatment:

Ama-releasing Abyhang

The ama releasing abyhang is a two hour treatment based ritual that strings together teachings from Ayurveda and modern teachings. The treatment starts with a series of oils that have their own individual scents, you are asked to sniff each one and choose the ones that most appeal to your scents to use throughout the rest of the ritual.
The feet are then entered into a warm bath and a brief message is given where they are being washed and rinsed with various lotions/oils. The oils chosen are also used as a lotion to apply to the feet. The feet are then exfoliated with salt and an oil scrub to finish off, before treating you to a very deep Ayurveda message that is provided.
Within this ritual is included a practice named ‘Shirodhara’ which is performed where a handful of oil is poured on your forehead where your third eye is located and continues all the way through into your scalp. A message is then given on the scalp to release tension and to open your third eye.
This treatment is a relaxing and powerful, it will leave you feeling amazing, with a heightened awareness you will be feeling super relaxed.
Salt spas are increasingly gaining popularity and will continue to do so, with its many health benefits!